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About Me

Mike Goodwin

Print Layout Designer/Photographer
Hamilton, Canada

After 15 years as an avid photographer I have finally decided that it is time to put together a website to share my art in a much broader way than the social media posts that I have been doing thus far.

I began my photo journey shooting motorsports, principally drag racing. In a brief period of time I honed my skills and soon became the principal photographer and web/print designer for the Pro Modified Racing Association, Quick 32 Super Series and the Pro Bike and Sled Series. Additionally, I was a contributing photographer for at numerous NHRA and IHRA Regional and National Events. The shoots were tiring, very loud, dirty and at times dangerous, but I loved being trackside.

After 8 years of capturing the outrageous action at various race tracks throughout Eastern Canada and the USA, I decided to step away from the noise and excitement to pursue my passion for creating images, but in more peaceful environments.

My photography interests evolved to sports action, primarily Lacrosse and Soccer, small product and eventually landscape. I still dabble in automotive photography (away from the track) as well as small product shoots that are part of some of my print design layouts, but I'm happiest when I'm out in a quiet setting enjoying the sound of a thundering waterfall or the colours of a vibrant sunrise or sunset.

My interest in landscape photography drew me to YouTube where I discovered a number of talented photo artists who share their photo outings from various locations around the world. After following a few of them on a regular basis I decided to give YouTube vlogging a try myself. I've recently started my own channel
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