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One of Hamilton’s hidden Gems
YouTube vlog episode #5

A visit to one of the beautiful hidden waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for a little landscape photography.

Buttermilk Creek

Because it has such a short watershed Buttermilk Creek tends to run dry for most of the year. With the rain over the past couple of days I decided to gamble and venture out to see what it can really look like. To my good fortune Mother Nature provided me an amazing array of deep rich colours to enjoy. From the green of the moss to the orange, yellow and red of the leaves. Accompanied by the sound of roaring […]

What a great place to start the camping season!
YouTube vlog episode #3

A couple days of glamping in early May at Pinery Provincial Park is just what the doctor ordered 😉

Two – Two – Two waterfalls in one great location.
YouTube vlog episode #2

After a brief absence I’m off for a brief trip to two of Hamilton’s many waterfalls.

Time to give vlogging a little go!
YouTube vlog episode #1

Trying out vlogging for the first time ever while visiting King’s Forest & Buttermilk Falls, Hamilton, Canada

Why I shoot RAW

Recently I got into a discussion with someone online about why one should choose to capture images in RAW rather than JPEG. The comment to me was basically “the JPEG looks great right out of the camera but the RAW image looks flat and boring. Why should I bother with it?” The reason is RAW files contain all of the visible light information that is presented in the scene and lets you decide how to develop it. A JPEG file on […]

Milky Way over Erie PA

It’s amazing how strong the ambient light was in the clouds. I was standing on the shore at Long Point Provincial Park in Port Rowan, Canada facing South over Lake Erie. Those lights you see are from the city of Erie Pennsylvania, USA. 55 kilometers (34 miles) away.


Celebrating the final “late night out” of summer vacation. Van Wagners Beach, Hamilton, Canada.

Scenic Falls, Hamilton, Ontario

This image of Scenic Falls Hamilton Ontario is one of the more challenging images that I have created in quite a while. The sun was quite harsh on the top half of the hill and I was down in some pretty dark shadows.This drastic dynamic range made it a perfect candidate for HDR. I set out by capturing a 5 image/5 f-stop  sequence. With the lack of colour at this time of year I made sure to use a circular […]