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Change the perspective

You don’t always need a high end camera with all of the accessories to make an interesting image. Just shoot your subject from an angle that you would not normally view it. We are used to seeing things from a standing perspective so when you present an image to your viewer from that perspective it is what they are expecting. Next time you go out and shoot, get on the ground. Take a worm’s eye view and see if you […]

A wonderful way to start the day

Most mornings I start my day by shuttling my Daughter and my Niece part way across the city to school. On our drive I tend to point out the clouds in the morning light and say something like “look at the texture in the sky today” or something to that effect (they are used to it by now). I then spend the rest of the ride quietly thinking “I don’t want to got to my desk just yet. I want […]

Get out and enjoy the colour!

The leaves may almost be gone but there is still plenty of color to enjoy in Hamilton. Image Details Location: Mount Albion Conservation Area Camera: Canon EOS 7D Lens: Canon EF24-70L Focal Length: 70mm Aperture: f/10 Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec. ISO: 640 Metering Mode: Pattern Metering Hand Held

So, I won a photo contest!

Recently I opened my email and scanned a message that started “Congratulations! Out of thousands of outstanding submissions…” Since I get so much spam I figured that this was just another message that got past my spam filter. However upon reading further I saw the words “Lake Shebeshekong” and that stopped my cursor from completing its journey to the delete icon. I thought to myself “I know that lake, we were there this summer!” Since I was just reading the […]

Details, details, details…

So I had this grand idea, “I’ll design myself another website based on my photography”. I didn’t think it would be too hard, since my main gig is graphic design. Along with print layout I do websites for many other people. “I should be able to whip together a simple site in a few days”, or so I thought. This project started back in May. I figured that when I had a little down time between customer jobs I could […]

To enhance or not enhance?

Recently I, along with others, was on the receiving end of some criticism for the style of images that I post on a certain user group on Facebook. The group is comprised of outdoors enthusiasts that specifically enjoy the number and variety of waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario (The Waterfall Capital of the World – 140 waterfalls) Many of the members post images of the various falls that they visit on their outings and the comments (usually positive) ensue. Recently however one […]

You’ll pay how much for my photo?

I was recently approached by an individual who was interested in purchasing one of my digital images that they had seen on an event gallery. This person is a customer from years past and I thought great, they remember me and still want to do business.  I asked if they were looking for a web resolution image and they replied “no, I want the full size image”. At this point I had a dilemma. I traditionally don’t sell my full […]