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To enhance or not enhance?

Recently I, along with others, was on the receiving end of some criticism for the style of images that I post on a certain user group on Facebook. The group is comprised of outdoors enthusiasts that specifically enjoy the number and variety of waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario (The Waterfall Capital of the World – 140 waterfalls) Many of the members post images of the various falls that they visit on their outings and the comments (usually positive) ensue. Recently however one […]

You’ll pay how much for my photo?

I was recently approached by an individual who was interested in purchasing one of my digital images that they had seen on an event gallery. This person is a customer from years past and I thought great, they remember me and still want to do business.  I asked if they were looking for a web resolution image and they replied “no, I want the full size image”. At this point I had a dilemma. I traditionally don’t sell my full […]