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Category : YouTube Video

We Actually Made It

The hike in to Webster’s falls can be quite challenging at times. Although the distance from where we parked is only about 4km, I’m surprised that we actually made it to Webster’s falls without any accidents and we did it in pretty good time. It’s over rough, rocky terrain and sections of the trail are along a steep drop off. The day that Andy, Dave and I decided to go we also had the additional challenge of dealing with a very wet trail that was covered in mud. As we spent a lot of time walking over and between rocks and tree roots, it was all we could do to keep from getting injured.

This location is one of my favourite waterfall hiking areas in the Hamilton region and is well worth visiting multiple times throughout the year. Just be sure to go prepared with rugged footwear and a walking pole or two can also come in handy.

I Escaped Work to go Wander In The Woods

I took a little time to visit a local Hamilton waterfall and enjoy the autumn colours.

Capturing the frost and Autumn colours in Bronte Creek Provincial Park

I got up before the sun to take advantage of an Autumn frost and vibrant colours in the leaves at Ontario Parks, Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

Kayaking to a hidden waterfall in Algonquin Provincial Park

On a recent vacation to Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada I took an afternoon to paddle my kayak up the Madawaska River and visit the beautiful Provoking Falls. As this was my first visit, this video represents more of a photographic recce for future visits. I hope you enjoy the video.

Exploring a local Conservation Area.
YouTube vlog episode #10

As I was driving by anyway, I decided to take an hour to explore a local conservation area and capture a photo or two.

How will I get past my repeated failure?
YouTube vlog episode #9

After a couple of days of rain I decide to make a visit to a photo location where I had never really had much success creating images. I figured that with the extra water flow and the autumn colours, my chances would be good for bringing home 1 or 2 keeper photos.

Searching for the little details.
YouTube vlog episode #8

After being confined to my desk working on a large graphic design project for a client, I decided I needed a little break from my work to go out to a local forest, relax and practise some photography techniques. It’s amazing what a little time in the fresh air can do for your creativity.

It’s good to be back.
YouTube vlog episode #7

I’m back after a short absence from the chanel. The leaves are starting to change colours and we had a great rainstorm overnight so I decided it would be a good time to get back out there, visit a local waterfall and bring you along.

Holy Moly, look at the size of that bug!
YouTube vlog episode #6

I planned to go on a landscape photography walk that day but woke to a torrential downpour. As the rain eased up I decided that a short walk around the campground to see the pretty flowers was all I was going to get in.

One of Hamilton’s hidden Gems
YouTube vlog episode #5

A visit to one of the beautiful hidden waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for a little landscape photography.