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So I had this grand idea, “I’ll design myself another website based on my photography”. I didn’t think it would be too hard, since my main gig is graphic design. Along with print layout I do websites for many other people. “I should be able to whip together a simple site in a few days”, or so I thought.

This project started back in May. I figured that when I had a little down time between customer jobs I could just poke away at my own site. Well, it didn’t work out that way.

The site you are looking at is based on the WordPress platform. WordPress is very robust and offers a lot of features that I like. One of them being the ability to style the look of a site based upon a theme. How the theme’s code is written will specify where the various rows and columns appear, what the font looks like and what the colour scheme is. I’m a little bit particular about how my work appears and since I don’t write the primary theme code the search for my initial site theme took me weeks to find something close to what I wanted. Once I found what I wanted as a start I then began the arduous task of “tweaking” the design code to customize the styling. On occasion I would spend 3-4 hours in the evening stylizing a single element to make it look the way I wanted.


When I got the theme to where I wanted I figured the next part would be easy. I just needed to choose some image files from my photo library, set up a couple of galleries, and get to blogging. Well, that didn’t work out too simply either. My Lightroom 4 Photo Library currently has just over 85,000 images in it. The overwhelming amount of images that I have captured over the years made the gallery selection almost as difficult as the theme selection. Once again I spent weeks looking back at my images, selecting some, re-editing others with newer software to net better results. And, on top of all that, I have recently become very interested in the waterfalls in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, my home town. We have 126 documented waterfalls here and over the summer I began venturing out to capture images of them. I wanted to dedicate gallery space for Hamilton waterfalls on my site so it took a little time to build up a library of images of those too.

With all of that being said, I hope you like what you see and take a couple of minutes to check back every now and then. My plans for this site are more blog oriented. I want to share some of my images that I have captured over the years and maybe write a little about them. I also hope to write about post capture image processing using Lightroom, Photoshop and some other third party software that I use. I will also make every effort to share my camera settings like I have done in the post previous “Buttermilk Creek”. I know I have learned much from seeing other photographers settings as I hope you will from mine.

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