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So, I won a photo contest!

Recently I opened my email and scanned a message that started “Congratulations! Out of thousands of outstanding submissions…”

Since I get so much spam I figured that this was just another message that got past my spam filter. However upon reading further I saw the words “Lake Shebeshekong” and that stopped my cursor from completing its journey to the delete icon. I thought to myself “I know that lake, we were there this summer!” Since I was just reading the message preview I was a little confused so I decided I better open the message and investigate.

When I did, I read the complete message “Congratulations! Out of thousands of outstanding submissions for the Canadian Tourism Commission’s 35 Million Directors project we’ve selected your image to be part of our website that combines inspiring clips from across Canada”.  Upon seeing the Government of Canada logo and the name of my photo “Lake Shebeshekong Sunset” it all cam back to me.

Back in August I submitted my photo to a contest that I became aware of on Twitter. I searched out the site, submitted in the final days the contest was open and then, due to age, I promptly forgot about the contest until I received the email message.

I am actually pretty proud of the shot, I even have it printed, framed and ready for hanging here at home. And that says a lot because I don’t usually print my images.

To my delight I found out the prize that I won is a GoPro camera package worth about $500.

Now I have a completely new direction to follow with my creations. With an underwater housing and video/still capability I can think of all kinds of neat ways to capture content. In fact, just this morning I recorded the trip I take to drop my daughter off at school. Isn’t that exciting? OK, maybe not, but now I have a new toy to play with that will hopefully net me some cool content to share here. Only time will tell…


  • Location: Lake Shebeshekong, Parry Sound, Canada
  • Camera: Canon EOS 7D
  • Lens: Canon EFS 10-22 mm
  • Focal Length: 10mm
  • Aperture: f/22
  • Shutter Speed: 30 seconds
  • ISO: 100
  • Metering Mode: Pattern Metering
  • Tripod: Manfrotto 055CL
  • Manfrotto 486 RC2 ballhead


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